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illustrator and curator

Alyson embarked on her journey as a children's book illustrator in 2020 with 'Lil Boy,' a charming creation by Barry K Gibbs. Now, in 2023, she is eagerly anticipating the launch of her second children's book, 'The Teacher's Gift,' written by Dana Stephens. Alongside her ventures in book illustration, Alyson has had numerous commissions blending various mediums.


Lil Boy

By Barry k Gibbs Illustrated by Alyson Murray

'Lil Boy' was published in 2020 a loving sorry about a child's relationship with his grandmother. Lil Boy navigates his grandmother's Alzheimer's and the loss of someone you love.  

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AM Sessions - Curator

In 2021 Alyson launched AM Sessions Company, connecting small businesses with local artists and bringing art into public spaces. Alyson has curated 11 displays involving 15 artists. To See the artists and other projects by AM Sessions, click below.

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