Australia born and New York-based, Alyson Murray is an incredibly gifted singer-songwriter. As a powerful and innovative performer seamlessly transitioning across different genres, she will lift your spirits through contemporary soul and groove with backing from some of New York’s most exciting new talents. Alyson has had international success after the release of her 2018 record ‘BREATHE’, and most recently showcased her talents on her 2020 single ‘See me’. She will continue to enlighten you with captivating melodies and lyrics. Join our mailing list to hear the latest!

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Due to COVID19, our 2020 Australian Tour has been canceled. Because we are not in a position to reschedule the tour I am aiming to release an EP at the end of 2020. Now is a time for artists to create, and I'm looking forward to sharing new music with you! If you would like to donate any amount it would be much appreciated. Stay safe xx

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BREATHE - Full Album Available on iTunes & Spotify 

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