The A.M Hour

Australian vocalist and composer Alyson Murray is known for her positively infectious and captivating sound. Residing in New York, Alyson has been performing internationally since 2017. Breathe, EP release in 2018 has seen Alyson venture to the U.K, Canada, Australia, and United States. This record introduced the extraordinary quality and warmth of Alyson’s songwriting. 

Alyson Murray's most recent project The AM Session branched off a series of songwriting sessions composed in the early hours in New York. She performs with some of the finest musicians in town, collectively from all corners of the earth: Kelly Green (American) pianist, Michelle Marie Osborne (British) bassist, Alicyn Yaffee (American) guitarist and Wen-Ting Wu (Taiwanese) Drummer. This group not only represents on an international level, they also represent female presence in the music industry. 

The 2019 single release of ‘Come to Me’ featuring this group, is an uplifting and exciting track, giving a taste to Alyson Murray’s 2020 album release The AM Hour.

Upcoming show dates for 2020 will be released SOON!

Live Footage