Alyson Murray - The AM Session

Club Bonafied, 212 East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022, New York

Australian vocalist and composer Alyson Murray is known for her positively infectious and captivating sound. Residing in New York, Alyson has been performing internationally since 2016. Teaming up with some of New York's powerhouse instrumentalists including pianist Kelly Green, guitarist Alicyn Yaffee, bassist Michelle Marie Osbourne and drummer Lucianna Padmore. The warmth of Alyson's songwriting is something worth experiencing live. "You can literally hear her smile as she sings." - All About Jazz

Alyson Murray AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2020


Hailing from New York, Melbourne born singer songwriter Alyson Murray will be gracing Australian in June, 2020. Presenting 'The AM Session' Tour. A body of music written in the early hours of the morning, on a loft bed in a 6 by 10 New York apartment in Brooklyn. Music critics have praised her wholesome and positively infectious sound. Alyson intertwines Jazz harmony with pop and soul music, both intricate and easy listening. After her 2018 release 'Breathe' Alyson made appearances in London, Montreal, New York and Melbourne to celebrate. 'The AM Session' Tour will give you the first taste of Alyson Murray's 2020 record release. Join us for the captivating sound waves of Alyson Murray.